Tuesday, August 18

The (still not too) grody adventure of the (no tacos allowed) cleanse - DAY FOUR

Passed the half-way mark today! The scoop:


Foods today:
-lemon water
-blueberry almond smoothie
-detox tea
-Arbonne detox drink
-salad w/ ginger carrot dressing
-sunflower seeds
-guacamole on a flax pita
-3 slices salsalito turkey
-1 skim string cheese
-teriyaki chicken breast
-grilled zucchini with lime juice

Ok I completely strayed when I got home and ate non-approved foodies out of frustration. But it wasn't taco bell (which is all I wanted today), so I will chalk today up as successful.

Headache started around 9pm, not sure what brought that on. I didn't even really get hungry today until 3pm, when I realized I hadn't eaten my lunch yet. I just took an aleve (probably not ok for cleanse but eff it), finished a book and am going to finish off my last bottle of fiji before I go to sleep.

Three days to go...tomorrow is deli sammich day at work, I may possibly cave. We shall see.

Monday, August 17

The (almost hit) grody adventure of the (time-consuming) cleanse - DAY THREE

Finished my day 3 meals. The skinny:

WEIGHT LOST: 2.6 lb.

-lemon water
-herbal detox tea
-oatmeal & almond milk
-basil cucumber lime apple juice
-blueberry raspberry almond milk smoothie
-sort-of super greens juice (1/2 a pear, 1/2 a cucumber, 1 lemon)
-1 pear

I sort of strayed from precise recipes, mixing raspberries with my blueberries for the smoothie, replacing celery with carrots in the super greens juice, and taking 1 pear out of the juice so I could eat it separately. I also skipped the coconut water again. If I ever drink that stuff, I will be amazed. But for the most part I am being amazingly responsible. I think knowing that I can go back to dairy on Saturday is a big part, but a lot of these new meal plans will stick with me. I could have one of these smoothies every day and be content.

Had a mini-scare this morning when I woke up, went to turn off my alarm and got dizzy and blacked out. I think I may have been a. super-hungry and b. sleeping very oddly/poorly since the lovely cat woke me up at 3:30am and threw me off. After that, I recovered and weighed in. Holy wow, I dropped 2lb since yesterday AM! I also dropped what looked like a box of crayons into the toilet. I haven't had any hunger pangs except for the usual "wow I really want a burger" or "taco bell sounds good about now." The things that I think about...tacos and pears.

Tomorrow's meals are all set - salad for lunch and chicken for dinner. I have some basil cucumber juice left from today to tide me over at work, and I am determined to wake up in time to make myself a smoothie before I leave. More to come tomorrow...

Sunday, August 16

The (still lacking) grody adventure of the (not too bad) cleanse - DAY TWO

End of day two. Here's the scoop:

WEIGHT LOST: 0.6 lb.

-12 oz. room temperature water & juice of half a lemon
-herbal detox tea
-raspberry & almond smoothie
-sunflower seeds
-detox chicken teriyaki & grilled squash
-1 slice salsalito turkey
-1 blueberry pancake
-Arbonne detox spa drink

I did have 2 little hiccups (the turkey and pancake) in today's menu. I really don't think that it's healthy to deprive yourself, it only leads to a huge binge in the end. Or at least it is in my case. I also made miso soup, which I found out that I hate. Gross. I will categorize that one with the broccoli arugula soup in "COMPLETE FAILURE" of my palate. The coconut water did not make its way into my body today, but I am bringing it to work with me tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to get that down.

I have a decent amount of energy, today I was wiped out playing catch after 15 minutes, but I assume that was because it was 90 degrees. I have a cute little sunburn though! I got overwhelmed and frustrated today when I realized I was hungry but hadn't accounted for the prep time needed for my lunch and would have to wait to eat for another hour.

I pee at least once every half hour. Finally pooped, all is well in that area (nothing explicit). No foul odors coming out of my pores except that garlic from the soup that I made last night. Tomorrow is day 3, I am expecting my weight lost to hit 1lb.

Saturday, August 15

The (not-yet) grody adventure of the (so far peachy keen) cleanse - DAY ONE

Day one of meals is nearly complete - I am cooling my final meal as I type. Here is the rundown:

-12 oz. room temperature water & juice of half a lemon
-herbal detox tea
-blueberry & almond smoothie
-coconut water
-salad with ginger carrot dressing
-sunflower seeds
-broccoli & arugula soup
-Arbonne detox spa drink

I slept in today and started the routine at noon instead of 8am, so everything is delayed by 4 hours. So far, I really really liked the blueberry smoothie (with 1 scoop each progreens and whey protein), and the salad dressing was STELLAR - if you like ginger, I highly recommend this one. I HATE coconut water. It tastes like sugar and I want to throw it up with every sip. I may take that one out, it just does not want to be consumed.

I am peeing nonstop. I got a crazy bout of hunger around 3pm, I blame that more on shifting the time schedule that I had set up for myself. I also am not pleased with the garlic and onion aspects of everything. I am omitting it as much as I can but allowing it in tonight's soup. I don't have my full budget at home but I am pretty sure that it cost about what I estimated.

PS - In case you were wondering, I haven't pooped yet.

If you are curious, please feel free to ask me questions! Tomorrow I will start posting my weight loss as I progress through the week. I am expecting to lose 3 lbs. putting me at a number I haven't seen on a scale since 2003.

Wednesday, August 12

The (presumably) grody adventure of the (soon-to-be-launched) cleanse - PREFACE

As most of you may know, I've lost an assload of weight over the last year- literally. Unfortunately, as many people do, I plateaued after losing a little over 40 lbs. After trying not to dwell on this, I decided to take some action. I did some reading and investigating and decided to try out a cleanse/detox Gwyneth Paltrow does a few times a year. I like this program because 1. it only lasts a week and 2. I can actually EAT while on the program. (check it out here http://www.goop.com/newsletter/15/ ).

My game plan is to buy all the required ingredients Friday PM, start the concoctions that night and Saturday AM that the ball rolling. Along with the GOOP plan, I will be replacing her suggested herbal tea with Arbonne Detox tea and adding 32oz of Arbonne's 7-day detox drops to my daily water consumption. So far here are my observations:

-This seems like an expensive endeavor. By my calculations, I will be spending $120 on food, $30 on whey protein and ProGreens (blecch!) and $40 to get a juicer. However, I have become quite thrifty in my meal planning ways, so $190 may be the norm for a week's groceries for most people. It averages out to $9.05 a meal.

-Over 40 ingredients. I know it says "cleanse", but come on, Gwyn! Luckily I have a complete schedule for hour-by-hour meals, drinks, etc. so I will be able to (hopefully) prepare things the night before.

-Any time I mention "cleanse" to someone, they instantly want to know when I expect my bowels to give out. Hopefully this won't be too err...messy, but only time will tell.

I plan on blogging on my daily menus, progress, weight loss, health and general well-being feeling. Hopefully I last the full week, ending on Friday night!

Wednesday, August 5

busy being bored.

Alliteration at its finest there.

Slow night, I should be folding laundry but get so easily sidetracked. I keep thinking of random things to post, so this will stay up while they come back to me.

Why is it that Victoria's Secret undies are the most expensive but the elastics and detail always fall apart before any other brand that I've bought in my life?

I have a bike and ned to inflate the tires and don't know how. For all I know, they may be flat.

I need to go to IKEA if only to buy myself some more candles. I have no female friends to do this with. Any takers? Seriously.

*deleted random thought for privacy of others*

I sometimes think I like summer then I realize it's really spring and autumn that I enjoy. I LOVE winter though, it means Christmas, my birthday, visiting with my sister and lots of fun outfits to wear that I forgot about for 6 months!

Out of stuff for now.

Wednesday, June 17

...let it shine.

All my kids in a row! Sunflowers, tomatoes, mystery 1, mystery 2 and carrots






Tuesday, June 16

I'm gonna let it shine.

After giving two of the seven seedlings to their new foster mama, Sasha, I have moved my remaining five duders into their own larger homes. Today, after a bit of poking around, I came to the conclusion that I have the following:

POT 1: Tomatoes! They smell so darn good.
POT 2: Sunflowers! I didn't know what they were until I saw the soft thorns on the stems and did a bit of homework. They are probably the fastest growers right now.
POT 3: Carrots! Most likely, Sash agrees with me that they were leafy like the tops of carrots. If so, I need to thin these guys out FAST and put them into the ground or a bigger pot.
POT 4: Dill? The sprouts seem very frustrated right now with all the rain and not having a chance to dry out, so I hope they last long enough to give me a hint as to who they are.
POT 5: Spinach or rosemary. This is the biggest mystery pot of all. I will have to just wait and see.

I forget how fulfilling it is to grow little guys from seeds and check on them every morning and evening to see what's been going on since I last visited. These sunflowers blew me away, I can't wait to separate them into their own pots and give them to people as gifts. I just need to find the perfect spot for them, sunflowers will always turn themselves so they face the east.

Photos soon, it's too dark now. they need their rest. sshh...

Tuesday, June 9

this little light of mine.

A few weeks ago (I believe it was Memorial Day weekend), Dan and I decided to plant a bunch of seeds. We set up dixie cups with some potting soil and planted the following:


We had 2 extra cups, so we did 2 mystery batches with leftovers.

After a week and a nice long sunny weekend with my dad tending to the little goobers, they were coming along nicely:

That was May 31.

Today I have success in 7 of the 9 cups! I tossed the 2 duds - the seeds were purchased over a year ago and kept in less-than-ideal conditions, so I was pleased with having ANY results, let alone 7 cups of plant shoots.

I have been able to determine by sniffing that 2 of the plants are tomato seedlings, and the leaves of another 2 cups make me think they are either dill or carrots. I can't tell yet, so I may have to wait another few days for a more fragrant growth spurt. The other 3 are mysteries, I am suspecting spinach and rosemary, I think the sunflowers and dahlias were quitters.

Now comes the emotional part - I have to get rid of some of these plants that I grew from tiny little nothings because I just don't have the room for them. Tonight I will try to swap them out into bigger pots and save as many as possible and give them enough light and sun and love.

And to keep them out of the hands of Floof. Rotten plant-eating jerk.

Tuesday, January 20

Boogedy boogedy boogedy.

Today Dan asked "what should we do?" and I somehow remembered a castle in Danbury he told me about a while back...so we went for a mini-field trip to Hearthstone Castle in Tarrywile Park.


Examining the fence that will be keeping us from getting into mischief:

Back door. There was a basement door to the left of this (pictured below):

Lots of good detail went into this place. I tried to get some good shots of the stained glass but the sun wasn't cooperating. Check out these windows though:

There was a creepy staircase inside that window. Once you get up close to the building, you realize just how eerie the situation is.

A view off one of the steeper ledges. Don't slip...

Having a moment on the ride home:

Friday, January 16


My day was a bit of a roller coaster today:

-bad weird scary dream
+woke up and told Dan about it. He had an equally odd dream.
-Jen's cat Henry was hit by a car last night. He didn't make it.
+Brotherhood fest 2009. Lots of people I haven't seen in AGES. Sum of All Fears reunion!
-Rob is officially in the hands of the man now.
+got my new jacket from Eddie Bauer (thanks mom!)
-the jacket is way too big
+but it's too big because I lost so much weight!
+I got a great idea for Aubri to come up for Brotherhood fest
-she can't get off that weekend, since she took off for the weekend after for our big visit.
+when we go see her, we can eat at Bobby's Burgers. mmmm. urp.

There were more, but those are the highlights.