Wednesday, June 17

...let it shine.

All my kids in a row! Sunflowers, tomatoes, mystery 1, mystery 2 and carrots






Tuesday, June 16

I'm gonna let it shine.

After giving two of the seven seedlings to their new foster mama, Sasha, I have moved my remaining five duders into their own larger homes. Today, after a bit of poking around, I came to the conclusion that I have the following:

POT 1: Tomatoes! They smell so darn good.
POT 2: Sunflowers! I didn't know what they were until I saw the soft thorns on the stems and did a bit of homework. They are probably the fastest growers right now.
POT 3: Carrots! Most likely, Sash agrees with me that they were leafy like the tops of carrots. If so, I need to thin these guys out FAST and put them into the ground or a bigger pot.
POT 4: Dill? The sprouts seem very frustrated right now with all the rain and not having a chance to dry out, so I hope they last long enough to give me a hint as to who they are.
POT 5: Spinach or rosemary. This is the biggest mystery pot of all. I will have to just wait and see.

I forget how fulfilling it is to grow little guys from seeds and check on them every morning and evening to see what's been going on since I last visited. These sunflowers blew me away, I can't wait to separate them into their own pots and give them to people as gifts. I just need to find the perfect spot for them, sunflowers will always turn themselves so they face the east.

Photos soon, it's too dark now. they need their rest. sshh...

Tuesday, June 9

this little light of mine.

A few weeks ago (I believe it was Memorial Day weekend), Dan and I decided to plant a bunch of seeds. We set up dixie cups with some potting soil and planted the following:


We had 2 extra cups, so we did 2 mystery batches with leftovers.

After a week and a nice long sunny weekend with my dad tending to the little goobers, they were coming along nicely:

That was May 31.

Today I have success in 7 of the 9 cups! I tossed the 2 duds - the seeds were purchased over a year ago and kept in less-than-ideal conditions, so I was pleased with having ANY results, let alone 7 cups of plant shoots.

I have been able to determine by sniffing that 2 of the plants are tomato seedlings, and the leaves of another 2 cups make me think they are either dill or carrots. I can't tell yet, so I may have to wait another few days for a more fragrant growth spurt. The other 3 are mysteries, I am suspecting spinach and rosemary, I think the sunflowers and dahlias were quitters.

Now comes the emotional part - I have to get rid of some of these plants that I grew from tiny little nothings because I just don't have the room for them. Tonight I will try to swap them out into bigger pots and save as many as possible and give them enough light and sun and love.

And to keep them out of the hands of Floof. Rotten plant-eating jerk.