Tuesday, September 30

I finally made something of myself.

Not only has my legacy been created through songs by Flogging Molly, Billy Joel and Christopher Cross - I am now a subtropical storm.

MIAMI (AP) -- The National Hurricane Center says Subtropical Storm Laura is keeping its strength as it churns through the north central Atlantic, far from land.

The 11th named storm of the season was centered about 585 miles south of Cape Race, Newfoundland, at 11 p.m. EDT Monday. It's moving north at about 9 mph.

Tuesday, September 23

Don't go back to him, he's a wife beater.

Lots of random things I have been thinking about writing in here.

-Which is worse, a stepmom or a mother-in-law?

-Why is my cat obsessed with dental floss? She hears me pull a piece out, wakes up and runs into the bathroom.

-Why is paypal holding my dumb money? I am SOOOO not pleased about this.

Friday, September 5

We used to...

This morning while looking for old friends to re-connect with, I found out one of them died in March. It is totally selfish, shallow and petty, but I feel like a horrible person for letting myself drop out of his life in recent years. This guy was one of the best human beings to walk this earth. He would open his door to anyone at any time, regardless of their reason. I know I can't blame anyone else for it...Fuck. I'm sad and angry and all sorts of things I am trying to push away. I really hope that I can meet up with one of our mutual friends in the next week and try to get some clarity.

Too many feelings, not enough words.