Saturday, November 11

Birthday bonanza!

Last night was Michael (old neighbor)'s 21st birthday, and Doug and I had promised to take him out on the town. I got home at 9, and Michael was already wasted. I took a shower, got out and he was banging on the door. He then announced that he wanted to rip my towel off of me, I went into my bedroom to get dressed and he tried to break down the door. I slammed the door on his head and said if he did it again I'd break his face.
I continued to get ready, and Jackie (Michael's girlfriend) stumbled down and passed out on my couch. Michael just wanted to let her walk home, so I told Doug to take my car and give her a ride so she got home safe. He did, then came back and we were off on a train to Boylston Street. Michael took his cigarette on the train, and I yelled at him to get up to give his seat to a little old couple. We got off the train, and he was yelling about what bar we were going to go to, etc. We went to the Pour House and he kept trying to talk to girls, just sitting down with them randomly and forcing himself upon them. At that point, I decided to pretend to be his girlfriend and cockblock him. That was pretty funny. We lost him for a half hour, then he just showed up randomly. We walked to a few other bars, he was still sitting down and talking to anyone, buying drinks for others even though it was his birthday.
Finally we made it down to Lansdowne Street, we're walking towards Bill's Bar and I see Greg brown - an old friend who I haven't seen in probably 2 years, was an Ultimate Fighter, super nice guy. Well at that point I was tired of Michael so I was SO happy to see him. He got us into Bill's for free told me that he got me some drink tickets. He was working the door at Jake Ivorys. Then he wandered into Bill's and we talked for a while. Meanwhile, Michael got kicked out ( he went into the ticket booth and was touching the ticket window girls or something, I didn't get the whole story, I wasn't paying attention to him) and talked his way back in, but wasn't allowed to drink anymore. I then told him to start drinking people's drinks left sitting at the bar, of course he did.
So finally I decided it was time to leave, but he had found some random Indian girl and was making out with her in the street. Greg and I were standing by his jeep, where he had his dog sleeping. I kissed the dog and decided I love him more than life - it's a bull mastiff. At that point Michael comes back, tries to get back into Bill's again to pee and they yell at him. I tell Doug to go take care of it. Michael comes back and starts yelling about how all doorguys are uptight suburban pricks, where are they all from? Because Michael is from southie and he is obv. tougher than the door guys. At which point I told him to shut up, because Greg is a door guy who was standing RIGHT THERE listening to Michael's rant. So Greg gets pissed, says that he grew up in Hyde Park. Michael wanders off to find his Indian girl again, and I tell Greg I'm sorry and he says to get him out of there or he'll punch him etc. So I gave Greg my number, and Doug and I walked home, venting about stupid Michael. I get home and passed out on my couch in my underwear for a bit, then was awoken by a text from Greg saying it was a good thing we left when we did, people got shot...and he and I texted til 3:30 am, and I ate some tacos.

I have no idea where Michael slept.

And I'm pretty sure I don't care.

Tuesday, November 7

plus and non-plus

+ my current GPA at Northeastern is 3.84. I also rediscovered my high school paperwork, my GPA then was 3.51

- I don't think my work is going to pay for my school anymore. I'm trying not to go into panic overload, but I sense it coming if the anticipated becomes fact.