Monday, October 23

moving beyond the binge drinking.

lots of things on my mind.

-salad spritzer. How lazy are we? We can't measure with a spoon, we have to SPRAY our dressing on?
-I really shouldn't go out and drink with disregard for my body. Good vodka and cheap beer are a sad sad mix, especially when I'm crawling to the bathroom at 5am. Even worse is when I feign interest in a person and then thy in turn think I'm infatuated. No, sir, I'm drunk. There is a big difference.
-Floof loves sitting on my new record player. She's a little teapot, short and stout...
-I start two new classes tomorrow. What the fuck was I thinking with this one? Three classes and full time work. I don't know how, but I need to somehow survive this and keep my GPA above 3.6 or I will be very disappointed in myself.
-I got my halloween costume all lined up and ready to bust out on Friday. Hopefully Saturday and Sunday too, if i can find places to wear it.
-I never thought that I was a size whore, but I am. Whoops.
-My newest fun thing is making drinking games out of television shows. Phil of the Future, How I Met Your Mother, New Adventures of Old Christine...watching for little things and being wasted by ten thirty is the best way to live life. The cat doesn't mind, now that the heat has been turned on in my building she is finally done crying to me about life.
-Sometimes I spend so much time worrying about everyone else, I forget to worry about myself.

it's not a habit, it's cool.

Today I went into the liquor store on my block to get smokes, and the guy at the counter questioned why I wasn't buying a case of beer. He then reminded me I bought an 18-pack on Saturday (TWO DAYS AGO) and shouldn't I be done with that yet?

Sunday, October 15

I'm healthy, I think?

I just thought about it, and I have barely any meat in my diet. When I do eat meat, I get pretty sick from it. Right now, the only things I have in my house that are made of meat are some chicken tenders and a pepperoni pizza. I have a bit of mozzarella and some old milk that...I should...probably get rid of...I think it's dated Oct 4?

I'm at the point where I really don't think I need the meat in my diet, sometimes maybe some chicken in a salad? I really need to kick the coffee from my daily routine too, so that I can stop taking in all the half and half plus the sugar. Tea works just as well and is better for me.

Saturday, October 14

tables are funny like that...

Anyone who knows me, know that I am a big fan of blowing people off. I don't like to put myself into uncomfortable situations or something that I can't totally control. So rather than be on my guard, I'll stay home and watch that 70s show. Tonight I was supposed to get together with someone from high school, who I never really ended things well with. I know she had eating disorders and didn't really go anywhere in life, and I was a little leery about what we would talk about and how the night would go.

Guess what? She blew me off. Didn't call, text or anything. I think I don't mind.

Tuesday, October 10

responsibility...not quite yet.

Today was my best example of procrastination in a while. I put off writing TWO essays for my English class until I got to work this morning. I had two paragraphs completed before I left home but I really needed to start from scratch on both. So of course, I did less work than I should have so I could focus on my writing. Goody for me, I got an A on my paper on New York City, and I find out my grade on the Star Wars paper next Tuesday.

After feeling overly-confident I came home and realized I haven't touched my Algebra in over a week. We have quizzes and assignments due online every week, and if you miss a deadline you lose a point on your final letter grade. This assignment was due October 1st. Crud. Luckily I was able to bang out all the work in less than two hours and hopefully the lateness can be overlooked. Some people are JUST NOW turning in assignments from week 1 and we are already up to week 5.

This really should be a lesson for me to sit down and focus more on my work instead of distracting myself with knitting, telly and online bingo.

Side note. My algebra book was $140, its shiny and bumpy and has an orange tree on the cover.