Saturday, September 23

living on the mean streets.

Last night I was heading home from work and traffic was at a standstill within 3 blocks of my apartment, so I took the resourceful method and took some back roads to get to my usual parking street. Every day I look forward to receiving my mail, so I turned the corner anticipating credit card offers, Land's End catalogs and electric bills but unstead I found police tape. I tried to sneak under it, assuming there was a car accident and just blocked off the whole block. A police officer came up to me and said I couldn't cross the line, and that's when I saw the blood on my front steps. Another street-clothes wearin' cop suggested I go get some chinese food, since it might be a while. Not sure what to do, I walked down my block and saw my liquor store buddies locked inside their own shop, and all over the sidewalk were little cones, arrows and numbers - total CSI in progress.

I called Lissa to give her a heads up since she was on her way to my place, if she got stuck in traffic. Then I called Doug and we scoped out the whole scene and took photos. According to my liquor store pals, three girls got into a fight. One of them started getting stabby, and then another pulled out a machete. MACHETE. There was one girl in a cop car, and her friends later arrived and opened the door trying to bust her out.

I haven't seen anything online yet in police blotters, the cops referred to it as an "urban disagreement." Here are my exclusive phone-photos...

Wednesday, September 20

bzzz bzzz...

I've been out of control busy. Let's see if I can find some highlights in my mess of a world...

-school started again. Taking English 1 and Algebra 1. The Algebra is online, and I didn't find the course blackboard until today, a full 12 days after class has started. Luckily it all turned out to be mindless formulas that Aubri and I quizzed eachother with via AIM at work. If you can complete an algebra problem via instant messenger, it wasn't that tough. English is alright, I am going to have to read aloud at least twice, and I don't know how I feel about that. One girl in my class WILL get punched before the semester ends - she has made us aware she studied latin for eight years, went to Dover-Sherborn for high school, and and is only taking this course because Northeastern didn't accept the dozens of extensive English courses she took at her other fancy college. I'm just hoping work will be paying for school since these aren't accounting-focused courses. But I NEED them to get my accounting degree. They must see that, right?

-I've been knitting a TON. Making a chicken viking hat for Jacob (Jess' boyfriend), starting the big stockpile of Christmas gifts, and making pincushions out of fabric remnants. Red with white polka dots = strawberries. Crafting has become a new weird release for me. And it's a great self-taught pleasure.

-Floof misses the air conditioner. She sits on it all night, waiting for me to turn it back on.