Tuesday, January 20

Boogedy boogedy boogedy.

Today Dan asked "what should we do?" and I somehow remembered a castle in Danbury he told me about a while back...so we went for a mini-field trip to Hearthstone Castle in Tarrywile Park.


Examining the fence that will be keeping us from getting into mischief:

Back door. There was a basement door to the left of this (pictured below):

Lots of good detail went into this place. I tried to get some good shots of the stained glass but the sun wasn't cooperating. Check out these windows though:

There was a creepy staircase inside that window. Once you get up close to the building, you realize just how eerie the situation is.

A view off one of the steeper ledges. Don't slip...

Having a moment on the ride home:

Friday, January 16


My day was a bit of a roller coaster today:

-bad weird scary dream
+woke up and told Dan about it. He had an equally odd dream.
-Jen's cat Henry was hit by a car last night. He didn't make it.
+Brotherhood fest 2009. Lots of people I haven't seen in AGES. Sum of All Fears reunion!
-Rob is officially in the hands of the man now.
+got my new jacket from Eddie Bauer (thanks mom!)
-the jacket is way too big
+but it's too big because I lost so much weight!
+I got a great idea for Aubri to come up for Brotherhood fest
-she can't get off that weekend, since she took off for the weekend after for our big visit.
+when we go see her, we can eat at Bobby's Burgers. mmmm. urp.

There were more, but those are the highlights.