Thursday, August 30

Comings and goings, ebbings and flowings...

Summer gardening has become a fabulous hobby. I gave my first two ripe tomatoes to my two best girls. Someday thy will hopefully see eye to eye and we can feast on the bounty together. I made a pesto out of my basil, and it is sitting in the freezer waiting for the winter when I really want something fresh and summer-y to eat. The peppers are starting to grow, and are just too cute for words. Once they turn red, I need to come up with something good to make from them. Tomorrow I will pick the red tomatoes (there are 2 more), and make a pot roast or a stew. Something hearty and healthy and fresh.

Knitting took a break so far this week in exchange for ... nothing.

If I forget between now and Christmas, I would like a dehydrator and a pressure cooker/canner so that I can become a bit more self sufficient. My "bad foods" shelf is nearly empty, so there will be plenty of room for canning and dehydrating. Next step - clean out the fridge and defrost it.

Thursday, August 23

The start of a scarf...maybe?

I figured since I'm not working, I might as well start some of my holiday projects. I have a few half-finished scarves of different colors, and I need to start working on an afghan for on of my lovely ladies...but I won't start that until she knows the sex. So for now, I will try to finish some of these scarves, and be a good gift-giver.

Here is one that I started last night rather than work on my other projects...typical me.

Monday, August 13

a typical day in the life...

I left my house to pick up my car (costing me $751.35 for new brakes. Not cool) and right before I left, I made sure to water my little tomatoes...only to be greeted with this 10 minutes later.