Wednesday, December 5

I knew you'd be gone as soon as you could. And I hoped you would.

Crap crap and more crap.

My uber-crush turned into an uber-disappointment, how surprising. I mean, it was completely unlike every other guy I know or put any effort into. At least I got a case of beer out of the deal, I suppose?

I got really sad today remembering how shitty of a year it's been for a lot of people I care about, myself included. Hopefully my garbage and drama is finally wrapping up this weekend and I can finally go on to be myself and learn to be less of a dumbass.

I'm grinding my teeth a lot.

I hate that I have to go into a room and not know what to expect or what to face and be angry from the moment I step foot inside, and then somehow go to work and function. Luckily drinks will be served promptly after work and I will be getting tattooed on Sunday and seeing good friends for the next few weeks.

The love of my life comes home for a few weeks and I don't know where to begin on the excitement/stress/build-up this is going to give me. The last time we were together, I broke bones in my hands and my feet and made a typical fool of myself.