Sunday, November 16

Multi-vitamins make my pee look like the Hulk.

What's good? What ISN'T good, I say!

Last weekend went off without a hitch, except when I watched Blood Diamond while Dan slept and I proceeded to bawl my eyes out for 2 hours. Tough times in Sierra Leone, it's a hard pill to swallow. We ate at an AWESOME restaurant and I sort of fell in love with red wine.

Weekends are turning into fun times again. Next weekend I am anticipating a day trip to NYC and a Sunday trip to a psychic fair. I really miss Jen and need to see her, even if it's just for a quick drink in the middle of her birthday riot extravaganza.

The comfortable cozy little nook is still as good as ever. I think my advised plan of letting things work themselves out is paying off. That and the fact that homeslice is more interesting than anyone I've met in years. Conversation is stimulating and doesn't revolve around the same 3 topics of shows, tattoos and who went to which parties and went home with which person.

Today at work an old man (80-85 years old) came to return a pair of boots with a broken zipper. He wasn't a tiny little decrepit guy either, he was at least 6 ft. tall and had black fingernails from some serious manual labor. As I processed his refund he said to me, "Those are some interesting earrings you've got there." I smiled and said that most people don't notice - he suggested I must watch a lot of Miami Ink. I corrected him by saying that I had tattoos before that show started airing. Then he hits me with, "My nipples are pierced." I smiled and giggled, assuming that at this point he was making fun of me.

But no. He was 100% serious.

How do I know this? Why, because he pulled up his shirt and showed me, of course.

I will probably have nightmares about those old-man droopy nippies for the rest of my life. I think he could tell that I was really uncomfortable and he pulled his shirt down and tucked it back in.

I wonder what his wife thinks of him doing that to people, as I'm SURE that this isn't the first time that he flashed a random stranger.

Boogedy boogedy boogedy.

Saturday, November 8

Just cause she dance go-go, it don't make her a ho, no.

I have a soft spot on my head from head-butting last night. It seemed so right at the time...

This weekend should be good. Brunch tomorrow with the fam. Possibly an early afternoon nap, then I will do something interesting with my hair (maybe?), meet up with Danielson, head out for a night of undetermined fun - bowling? drinks? food? live music? Possibly all of the above? Then we will adventure on Sunday to IKEA to eat some delicious food and get me a hamper and a bath mat. I am limiting myself to spending $60 so let's hope that there is some hot deals in the as-is section.

I didn't really need to post that second part, I only wanted to update on the ouchy-ness of my head.

Also, I smoked last night and woke up this morning and felt gross - quitting may finally be a reality! Hooray!

helter skelter...

Thursday, November 6

Southpaw grammar.


1. Sure, my dad is having a bad week. That is no reason to yell at me and tell me to get a new job because I'm not scheduled for the next 5 days. I don't make my own schedule and I can't work whenever I feel like it.

2. I have been working some fabulous gloves for a fabulous boy and my stepmom decided to try them on and tore a TON of the finishing seams since they weren't completely finished yet. They don't belong to you, back off!

3. My boobs got smaller. This is not a good side effect of dropping weight. But I am down to the lowest I've been since late 2006.

Beyond that, things are going swimmingly. Possible trip to Boston this weekend, the next 5 days will rack up a lot of knitting, job applying and tread-milling. Happy with the steady constant of things and phone conversations.

Sunday, November 2

Not for the faint of heart...

Tonight Pat posted this photo of Jammy being butt-raped by Ziggy. I am worried I may have to hold an intervention for his poor little kitty butthole.

Tomorrow I work (again - meh) and then go canoeing and possibly to a show in Wallingford. I am annoyed at work for scheduling me on the one day that I had requested off next weekend. At this rate I will be gone by Thanksgiving, if not sooner. I will just keep applying to more realistic jobs and hope that someone calls me back.

I had a ton of things to say in here and now all I can do is think about Christmas and how I don't want to do any shopping. This whole "no income" thing will probably be the deciding factor.

If I get to sleep
I'll be well rested enough
To get all shitty.