Tuesday, November 16

Then and Now, Part 1

Kyra made a really inspiring post a few months back called "Then & Now".  As I sit here waiting for my spinach-stuffed chicken to bake and ponder washing my hair now or in the morning, I had a few little revelations of my progress in recent weeks/months.

THEN - I would sleep until 9am on workdays, 2pm or later on weekends, and loaf around until I was dying of hunger, which was solved by running to Dunkin or McDonald's.

NOW - I have my alarm set, even on weekends, and wake up on time!  I don't lay in bed wondering how much longer I can waste, but I jump out of bed, do 10-20 minutes of stretching/yoga, cook myself a REAL breakfast, sit down and eat, take my time to get ready and make it to my destinations on time.

THEN - I hid food in my bedroom.  Secret stashes of cookies, "protein" bars (tasty Luna bar, you can't trick me, you are dessert), Dunkin Donuts, crackers, Doritos.

NOW - I do not allow any food into my room except cat food.  I have plenty of water, seltzer, tea, but nothing that I would regret eating at 2am.

THEN - I gave up once I started sweating or once something started to ache.  I would consider that to be "accomplishing" something.

NOW - I know that if I don't push myself, I will become stagnant and never reach my full potential.  Not just physically, but on so many different levels.

THEN - I was interested in what was going on with everyone else, as a way to avoid what was going on with me.

NOW - I am allowing myself to be selfish, to think about myself, and not be concerned with things that I cannot control or that do not involve me.

I am also trying to keep these points in mind every day:

Very much worth reading.


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